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ATHABOLD is a design studio that is known for delivering uniquely creative floral experiences. Established by Shuheng Ji in 2016, ATHABOLD is focused on sourcing the highest quality products and materials, delivering exceptional customer service, and creating designs that align to each client’s vision. 

Feeling accomplished with her career in the financial industry, Shuheng left the busy streets of New York City and a successful life in corporate America to explore more creative pursuits in the Hudson Valley. Bringing together her passion for flowers, an eye for design, and a deep desire to connect with people, Shuheng soon established herself within the region’s growing wedding industry. A retail location was opened in Germantown, NY to provide design services to visitors and her local community. 

ATHABOLD continues to grow and evolve under Shuheng’s leadership, attracting a skilled and dedicated team of floral designers, and a network of collaborators and friends. Shuheng lives with her husband and two dogs, just minutes away from the Germantown’s quaint small business district, where they enjoy wide-open spaces, nature’s beauty, and amazing sunset views over the Catskill Mountains.